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Poem: Creatures of the sea.

Poem: Creatures of the sea.

fishes in the sea

One thought. One dream. One soul.
You can hear my voice
Deep within my soul
Calling out your name
Swimming to the shore
As one we are together.

Oceans apart,
You can still hear me
Words are drowning in
Telepathic waves,
My heart is yearning for
Peace of mind.

Connecting spirits
No matter the distance
No matter the time
We are always online
Truly divine
Creatures of the sea.

my missing puzzle piece.

India, it’s been a while since I told you what I really feel. It’s not like I didn’t care or forgot about you, but I guess I hadn’t found my way home. In my heart. And my aching soul.

While growing up I lost a piece of me here and I couldn’t find it for over a decade. I was always looking to find my way back to that part of me. It was disconnected for so long. I almost forgot. I almost lost you. Disconnected.

I never understood the lump in my throat. Hidden emotions stacked under the surface. Ready to burst at any moment. Triggered by the invisible pain. Deep down in my soul.

A ray of infinite light has enlightened me now. I can see you clearly now. You were always there for me. Right in front of me. Day or night. Dark or light.

It was here all along. My forgotten puzzle piece. It was so hard to find. I didn’t forget about you. I was just lost. But you, still accept me for who I am. For that I am grateful. For that I am proud. Proud to call you my home.

When December ends…

My new favourite song to listen to!

Lyrics to this amazing track called December from the new Assemblage 23 album ‘Endure’:

In the passing light,
Silent and alone
Trying to make sense,
A fate now set in stone
There’s never enough time
Somehow it isn’t fair
Sprinting towards the finish,
Running out of air
When December ends

When December ends,
At last, you will be free
Unbound from earthly plight,
Unfettered by disease
When December ends,
The pain disappears
Worries all behind you
No more suffering or fear

Everyday is pain
A dull narcotic haze
Brief moments of awareness
Losing track of days
The world seems so dim
As faculties decline
Your body, just a prison,
To trap your mind inside


When the moment came
A tear fell from your eye
Your senses overwhelmed
A beauty undefied
Weightless and complete
Some sense of ease
May your spirit carry on,
As the wind shakes the trees


When December ends…

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